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Force GT 120GB Became Slow


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A few days ago, my Force GT 120GB became slower than my hard drive.


It does everything slower and takes about 15-20 seconds in the Starting Windows screen.


Before that, it takes about 7-8 seconds only and I never disable any services and startup items in msconfig.


But for now, it became slower, so I disable any unwanted services and programs in msconfig, still the same.


I download a newer firmware for my SSD, still the same!


Please help me, it runs slower than my hard drive now.

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I tried plugging into 5 different SATA ports, my board has just 1 SATA controller by the way.


I also set the speed to SATA 6.0Gbps instead of Auto.


I set my SATA ports to IDE, same, so I set back to AHCI.


Everything is still the same.


However, according to the ATTO benchmark, I don't think it is the problem of the SSD, but the problem of the drivers or Windows files causing the startup to slow down.


I still hope you all can help me through this forum because nobody can solve my problem although I already posted in some forums.

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There aren't any windows update that time. Although there are, I've already tried system restore and nothing changed, so I undid it.


Nope, still the same. This makes me think that it isn't the problem of the SSD as it can run startup services without slowing it down, it maybe the problem of Windows.

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In MSCONFIG>Boot>Tick "OS Boot information".


This should display the drivers being loaded instead of the Starting Windows screen. It may help diagnose which driver is causing the slow down.


This is usually a last resort, you can secure erase the drive and reinstall Windows.

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