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can i RMA my drive?


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this is the 3rd corsair drive that failed on me. and i wanted to know i can RMA this drive and under the warranty period.


1st purchased on 2008/11 and been RMA'd 2 times since,. most recent was 2013/04. replaced me with a usb 3.0 drive


now the 3rd drive has failed again. when i plugged in nothing happens and indicator light stays on. windows not detecting the drive. tried on several computers including running win7 win8 and mac.

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Flash Devices


Flash Voyager®, Flash ReadOut, TurboFlash, Flash Survivor® and Flash Voyager Mini USB flash drive products all have a 10 year warranty

Flash Voyager® USB 3.0 USB flash drive products have a 5 year warranty

All Flash Padlock® products have a 3 year warranty

All solid-state drive (SSD) products have a 3 year warrant

Source: http://www.corsair.com/us/support/warranty/


If you are still in the warranty period (From purchase date), request an RMA to replace the drive. As you have replaced the drive 3 times, in the comments/description section tell them you have replaced the product before and include your previous RMA # as it will help.

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my 1st drive was a Flash Voyager 32gb USB 2.0 Drive and with 10 years warranty, and i received Flash Voyager USB 3.0 drive as a replacement. so im not sure im still under the original products warranty or the replacement drive. i will request an RMA and include the previous RMA #
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