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Problem receiving ordered goods from Corsair


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Hello everyone, this is the first and, hopefully, the last time I'll ever need to post on this forum. I apologize in advance for the wall of text that I am about to send your way. So, without further ado, here's what brings me here.


On Wednesday the 16th of October I placed an order for a pair of microfiber headset earpads and, like everyone else, I payed up front with my credit card for both the goods and the shipment. The goods seem to have been sent and I patiently waited the 6 days it should take to receive them.


A full week went by, as expected, and nothing arrived. It seemed strange that it was taking longer than promised so I went and checked the tracking page for my package and, as it turns out, I had a proof of delivery from UPS, created on the 23rd of October, stating that it was successfully delivered at my front door. The package however, as well as the delivery guy, never showed up.


On that same day, I've sent an e-mail to support@corsair.com with an explanation of what had occurred and asking them to take necessary action to solve the problem with delivery with UPS. I received no answer and the package didn't arrive.


One week later, on the 1st of November, I've sent a second e-mail, in a futile attempt to bring this problem to their attention. As expected at that point, no answer and no package.


I waited 4 more days and on the 5th of November I created a "Claim Lost" ticket on UPS's website directly in yet another attempt to have this solved. Turns out only the shipper can settle such problems with delivery.

Seeing as I was having no success contacting Corsair's support through their e-mail address, I created a ticket on their website asking them to either fix the problem or giving me their UPS account number to solve the problem myself.


And all that brings us to today, the 7th of November. almost 4 weeks after the original order and I am out of options. If this is what takes to get this support team's attention so be it. Now, will you please spend 5 minutes getting this sorted out so I can use my headset again?


TLDR; To avoid further wastes of time, here are the details of the lost order, to be settled with UPS:


Shipment #100025207

Order #100068916


Best regards.

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