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Server Profile Suggestion/Request


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Is there any chance that you can raise the tickets on your servers. 75 is not enuf to even the first 2 sites and the game ends within 5 mins.

Should prob mention thats its the rush maps thats way way too short.


Which specific server?


And, which map and in what mode?



Based on your play experience, what is the ideal number of tickets?


Have you seen other servers that have a good number?


We are definitely wanting to "tune" our server profiles to make them more fun so we value your input. ::pirate::

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I have only been playing on your Corsair UK #07 - Rush - All Maps server since I find rush the best game play.


There are a few detailes so here it goes.


1) On all the maps there are simply too few tickets when you can be 32 on each side.

2) When you only have 75 tickets people can die 2 to 3 times and its over. Mathces last 3 to 5 mins which is too fast imo.

3) On indoors or narrow maps like Operation Locker and Flood Zone you need alot more tickets and I mean alot like 10 to 20 per player. OL is the worst of the two with only 3 very close ways to the COM stations this map sometimes ends after 2mins.

4) The map Hainan Resort is one of those maps where the start is very heavly defended and with 32 people almost instant spawing near the 2 COM stations this also needs like x4 tickets.


Thats all I got for now. Hope you can use it

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  • Corsair Employees

Fixed this now. Was caused by a config switch to "official" game settings. Moved back to Custom with tickets to 225 per pair of MCOMs on 64-player Rush.


And removed Operation Locker, because that map + 64 players = no fun.

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