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My 750D build


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Just finished my new build in my 750D and I'm mostly quite happy with the case. I'm using a Maximus VI Formula and I had to take off the thermal armor plate on the back -- not enough clearance for the standoffs in the case. But once I had the armor off, it slipped right into place. Also was able to mount an H100i in push/pull on the top. It was a tight fit though -- had to really crank back the cable from the 8-pin CPU plug to get it to fit, and I actually had to take the colored rings off of the bottom fans (SP120 PWM) to get them to fit, although I think that had more to do with the massive heatsink on the motherboard.


GPU temps under load are a bit higher than in my 650D, but that's because I had the mesh panel and 4x120mm fans blowing in the side of the case.


I really love the giant window on the side panel (although I'd be equally happy with a giant window with 1 or 2 fan holes drilled out at some point in the future).


I kind of miss the hot swap bay from the 650D but, to be honest, I only used it about 3 times so it's really not much of a loss.


I also miss the latches on the side panel, but I know they took up a lot of real estate better used for other things.


Right now my one semi-major complaint about the case is that the side panels don't have the little hook things that would slide into the holes at the top & bottom of the case -- makes it a little more challenging to hold the side panels steady while I'm replacing the thumb screws.


(And I haven't downloaded the Corsair Link software yet -- I figure I'll just wait for the Windows 8.1 issues to get ironed out first.)

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