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Potentially faulty AX750?


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Hi all,


Been reading these forums since I built my system back in January but have never bothered to register until now. For the past couple months I've been having an issue where if I shut down my PC completely, it won't turn back on. The power LED on the motherboard stays lit, but I don't get any fans, lights, POST beeps...nothing. If I restart either through windows or through the reset switch it's fine. Not the case switch - tried shorting the pins on the motherboard to no avail.


My motherboard has a feature called USB BIOS flashback - even when the system is not on if you plug a USB drive in with the BIOS file on it, and push a physical button next to the USB ports it will flash the BIOS to the version found on the USB drive. Funny thing is if I push that button with no USB drive connected, after it "fails" to flash the BIOS I can turn the PC on just fine. This led me to believe the motherboard was causing the issue. ASUS RMA'd the board and I replaced it, but still having the same issue.


Some googling around and I've come across some posts in various places suggesting it might be an issue with the PSU. I know next to nothing about how PSUs themselves work, so I'm not sure. I have an AX750 that I bought back in Jan-Feb of this year when I built the system and don't have any other issues aside from this. If anyone has any insight into this, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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