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Corsair Force 3 SSD Freezing periodically, very slow write on AS SSD bench


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The SSD used to work fine, though intermittent weird issues were cropping up from time to time. Suddenly, though, it started freezing intermittently, especially when running things like World of Warcraft. Running just the OS while running a different game on another drive does not seem to reproduce the problem.


A secure erase and reinstall of Windows 7 did not correct the problem. If anything, it may have made it worse.


A reboot will often fix the issues for a few hours, but they come back. The system boots quickly.


AS SSD reports the read and seq read and write both quickly enough, but the 4k write sits at 0.40 MB/s until I finally get tired of waiting and cancel it.


CrystalMark's Benchmark, however, shows the 4k write at 36.53 MB/s, which I find confusing. The 4k read is 15.50, which is still extremely slow for this drive, isn't it?


I have confirmed with diskat that the SSD is aligned properly.


Is this my Corsair's way of saying goodbye? Does it even make sense to try updating firmware when it worked just fine up until recently, with no changes to the hardware or OS?

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The ATTO benchmark came out fine. I won't bother posting it because it's very similar to when the drive was new, and about what you would expect out of that model.


The issue seems to have somewhat vanished on its own, without any real possible solutions. Not sure what to make of that, but it seems completely stable now.

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