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Corsair Vengeance Heatsink?


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Hi guys!

I´ve been using a 4x4 Vengeance CMZ16GX3M4X1866C9 kit on my system for a year now without problems.


The thing is that I have an Intel 3930k @4.5GHz with a Zalman CNPS9900Max cooler. I wasn't comfortable with the temperature of my cpu when using Prime95, so I decided to replace my cpu cooler with a Phanteks ph-tc11pe.

I knew that the tall Vengeance heatsinks would be a problem when installing the new Phanteks cpu cooler, so I decided to replace the Vengeance´s heatsinks with some low profile aluminum heatsinks. They fitted grat and so far my system is running perfect...

I want to know if this memory produce a lot of heat. I´m running them at stock settings: 1.5v @1866MHz with timings of 9-10-9-27 and 2T CR.


Do you think that replacing the heatsinks may become an issue in the near future? My case has great ventilation.


I know that I´ve lost my warranty since I modified the modules but I knew it before doing it so there´s no problem with that, I took the risk =)


Thanks! :feedback:

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There is just no way to predict any sort of failure like that. Sorry, all you can do is wait and see.


I've been running my 8 modules without heatsinks whatsoever. I run them at 1866 and realize that I've trashed the warranty but they seem to perform well. I don't recommend doing this but it was the only way I was able to get the Noctua cooler to fit.

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