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Corsair K95 LED backlight at 100 Hz??? Unbelievable!


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Hi guys,


Hopefully this forum is read by Corsair techies...


Got my K95 a few days ago. Great keyboard, the reason I bought it is mechanical + backlight. Well, about to send it back.


I still refuse to believe that LED backlight is scanned at 100 Hz PWM in this $200 keyboard, as well as, perhaps, the whole Kxx lineup. Did search in this forum and found that issue of "flickering" (that is, too low PWM frequency) has been raised a few times with no response. For example, here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showpost.php?p=680937&postcount=6


It _MUST_ be a firmware thing because LED matrix is interfaced directly to MC ports, right? Is it that difficult to change PWM frequency to, well, 400-500 Hz, and introduce a few more levels of backlight? Should not be. Well, I program MCs myself... After all, special lights like caps/scroll/num etc are using higher PWM frequency, in fact. Though they don't seem to be matrix'ed.


Spent a few days with friendly technical support, ended up with a conclusion that this is "known issue" and "nothing can be done". Well, not exactly helpful, can't work with backlight off... can't work with backlight on either.


Any chance to fix the annoying LEDs flickering like cheap Chinese LED light bulb? Again, this is bloody $200 keyboard, cummon... Please... I don't want to return it back to the shop, I like the MX keys, rigid design, extra G buttons, but the backlight kills the deal. Seriously, I failed to believe, I supposed the unit is faulty at first.


Is it possible to do an unofficial, unsopported, unreleased, whatever, firmware release that would allow for higher LED matrix scan rate? I volunteer to be a tester. Or give me the source code and I'll fix it myself ;-))


PS. Latest FW/SW (1.15/1.3), tried high power mode, saw no difference frankly.

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Hi guys,


Thanks for your "help", the keyboard is going back to the shop now. I think I did my best to avoid it.


I must admit, my experience with Corsair technical support is worst I had for last 3 years. Guess what? Never again.

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