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Catastrophic HX850W Failure.


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A little background..

The PSU was bought under recommendation from Scan in the UK some time ago. Approx 3 years. It has performed excellently. Being quite and reliable. Up until this last weekend.

I returned from work on Friday to find my down stairs power sockets had tripped. I cautiously disconnected everything. (TV, You view box etc) and reset the MCB. I reconnected everything 1 by one and all way OK.

Until I tried to power up my PC on Sunday. It was dead. Completely.

I disassembled the pc and managed to conclude the PSU was no longer functioning.

See as I had owned this for just over 3 years I assumed I would be WAY out of the warranty period ( Yes, I know now :sigh!: )

I took the PSU to work and asked one of our electronic guys could quickly check and make sure it was dead before I forked out for another.

Upon removal of the top cover all looked as it should. No smells, Board looked clean and free of dust (I always use filters on my PCs) Bit of a head scratching moment.

It wasn't until the board was removed was the Damage revealed.









There was no pre warning, no noises, smells.. nothing.


In all the years of PC ownership the only components I've had fail are PSUs,

A Tagan, and now unfortunately a Corsair,


I understand I've voided the warranty. I'm always in a damned rush :biggrin:

The only really annoying part is that I planned to buy a complete new system next year. With PSU ofc.

Mighty irritating. Do I buy another Corsair? I don't know. But what I do remember is opening the box 3 years ago and thinking

"WOW, now this is quality"


Yeah.. I think i'll buy another one ;):

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