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RMA K95 - money back option? Or only exchange?


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I have a K95 that is about 4 months old; I bought it local to me in Houston at Fry's Electronics. Recently, the LED under the TAB key died. Of course, I would like to RMA the keyboard but I was wondering...


My question is this:


Can I still turn the K95 back over to Corsair and get a refund of the money instead of exchanging it for a new keyboard from Corsair?


The reason I ask is that it would be much easier for me to simply go to Fry's and buy a new keyboard, instead of having Corsair ship me one; this option would work if I could still get a monetary refund from Corsair.


Of course, I am not bound to this option, only curious.


I will RMA for an exchange piece if this is the only option available but thought I would inquire here about the issue as I'm curious.


Also, all I have is my original purchase receipt and not the box that the keyboard came in. This is okay, correct? I can still RMA with only the keyboard and the original purchase receipt, righ?


Thanks for any assistance,


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