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K95/M95 - RMA Question.


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Hello there. About a month and a half ago, I purchased both an M95, and a K95, on newegg. Quite recently, I've had some issues with both of them, and have filed RMA's.


Now, I've never filed an RMA before, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few of my questions (I've tried using google, have had limited success)


1. It's obvious why I'm filing to get an RMA for my K95, an LED on it has died, but is it right for me to file one for my M95? The issue with my M95 is that the scroll wheel screeches when I scroll it, and shakes the entire mouse. Is this a legitimate issues I can RMA for?


2. As embaressing as it is to admit, I'm quite low on the income level. What do RMA's cost me, if anything? I'm afraid that if it's exceedingly expensive (Which isn't even all that high, considering my income) I may not be able to RMA the items without assistance. IF Rma's cost me, is there an alternative I can seek to alleviate the costs?


That's about it I suppose!




I'll post my K95 ticket here, if it can be of any help. I cannot post the M95 Ticket, as I have yet to file it as I'm unsure if my RMA reason is legitimate enough to do so without a second opinion.


K95 RMA Ticket # - 6231222

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