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Aren't these load temps too high for the voltage?


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3930K that turbos to 3.8 GHz across all cores with a static voltage of 1.190 volts. During load, the voltage drops to around 1.116 volts.


Attached is a screenshot of the temps, voltage, and clock speeds while Prime95 was running (Small FFT) for about 5 mins.


The cooler is an H100 and the fans are directly connected to the motherboard instead of the CPU block. They run at full speed 24/7.


Basically, I am seeing a max temp of 68 C after 5 mins of Prime95 (Small FFT) with a 3930K clocking at 3.8 GHz with a static voltage of 1.190 that drops to 1.116 during load.


Idle temps seem fine though.


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while different builds vary and assuming yours is a new build,your temps may get a bit better once everything settles in.

your temps are a tad high and ideally in the mid 50's is best but even your displayed temps are certainly usable..

also not knowing your ambient temps which also plays a big part in your temps too

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