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vengance 2000 power surge on usb hub port


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I bought my vengance 2000 some time ago and I was really happy until yesterday. When i tried to charge it, on screen appeared message,, "Power Surge On Hub Port. One of the USB device has exceeded the power limits....". After this all the ports were disconnected, vengance 2000 was not charging anymore and pc had to be restarted because all ports were not working so the keyboard and mouse either . I tried to connect it to my laptop and situation was the same. ~Does anyone know what to do to solve the situation? Cable is fine, works with my mobile phone. Is it possible that micro USB in my vengeance 2000 is damaged? From the beginning there was some loose and cable doesn't sit inside properly.

Waiting for a help.


My system

i7 2600k

psu 850w

gpu asus gtx560i

mobo asus maximus 4 z

corsair 100h

corsair 16gb ram

win 7

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The headset is still working because the battery is still not completly empty but any attempt to charge it (headset is beeping and red light is flashing) ends up showing that message again doesn't matter to which usb I connect it it doesn't charge.

I bought this headset secondhand from ebay so I don't think I can change it on warranty I think it is micro usb port which was little bit loose since the beggining.Could you specyfy which micro usb port has to be replaced.Could be any like for standard charging micro usb port?

Please let me know because I would give it to local electronic or let me know if I could only buy micro usb from you and how much it would cost.



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