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Corsair Force 3 Series GT SSD Suddenly stops to work on my MB.

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I have a MBP8,1(13' inch - early 2011), and after using my Corsair Force 3 Series GT SSD 120 GB after about a year, it suddenly stopped to work. The OSX don't detect it anymore on this machine.

- When i try to boot it gets really slow, and the kernel message says that "root device is not found".

- When i go to the recovery mode and try to format the disk utility freezes.


I tried to put it on another MBP, it worked fine, only on my machine not working. When i put on a USB case it work fines too. After all i had to put my old HD sata back. but its really pissing me of, i want my SSD back.


What should i do?


- I've tried to update the firmware loading on a windows with a USB case and run the ssd toolbox, but it cant update the firmware. The current firmware version is 5.02.

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