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Help please: XMS3 CMX8GX3M2A2000C9 XMP problems\manual sets


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Hello everyone & thanks for checking on my problem

I'll try to explain as much as possible, bare with me please.


CPU: Intel i7 3770k

MB: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 (BIOS up to date)

RAM: 16gb 4x4gb (bought 2 packs of CMX8GX3M2A2000C9)

PSU: 700w (bronze)

running on the integrated v-card (intel hd 4000)


RAM as advertised (and XMP aswell): @2000, 10-9-10-27, 1.65v

BASE (tested on 3 different motherboards) : @1066, 7-7-7-20, 1.50v

(pics while using xmp):







i bought 2 packs, when working on xmp profile i get blue screen\error messages, i ran memtest i got 27 error, i ran stress test (prime & aida64) can't complete 1min without errors


i ran them all together then 1 by 1 alone on the base speed (1066) everything works great, memtest, prime, aida all is O.K,

i tried running only 2 together (2x4gb at slot 1,3 - then again the other pack alone at slot 2,4) with XMP profile (2000) did work great aswell (memtest, prime & aida)


but when i combine them together (4x4gb) they don't work well under xmp as i explained before.

did the same test on different motherboards got the same problem.


i did try running them without the XMP profile (manual sets like xmp) didn't work aswell.


the only way i got them to run fast: is to set the Host Clock Override (BCLK) to 103 (from 100), then setting the DRAM reference clock to 133MHz, & DRAM freq to DDR3-1923. it worked, ran memtest, aida\prime (these 2 for 6 hours each) everything checked great, but the CPU & the rest got oc'd by turning the BCLK to 103 (which i don't really like\approve for now)

Pics with BLCK @ 103






i want to get over 1900 without oc'ing my pc, any ideas? Please :'(


P.S: (1st time writing in a forum, please be nice lol, i hope the pictures that i uploaded were good enough, ready to answer any question\try anything)

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but.... but.... but.... :'(

I can't get a refund or replace the items from here (Russia) 1st pack i bought a month ago (same day had an accident & went to hospital for surgery) & the 2nd pack i bought it few days ago, beside the reasons as you explained won't offer me a good reason to get a refund or replace the items.

So i'm stuck now!... oh well this is life :)) took me a year to save money to build my system, servers me right for not checking on this info before.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply Synthohol, Live long & prosper my friend \v/,

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Alex , part of the issue is that 2000mhz is not a supported speed for that MB . So you'll either have to run them at 1866mhz or 2133mhz. This is also why the XMP profile is not working.

i want to get over 1900 without oc'ing my pc, any ideas? Please :'(


Your CPU only supports a max speed of 1600mhz, so you already are overclocking them if they are running at 1920 mhz.(actually your CPU's memory controller) And as stated by Synthohol, when you mix kits results can be extremely unpredictable. If your getting 1920mhz and they are stable, then I would be pretty happy with that. You may reach higher speeds using just two sticks, but thats a trade of you need to decide if you want to do. And there is always the possibility this is where your CPU tops out as far as memory overclocking.

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peanitz94 thanks for the reply :)

Alex , part of the issue is that 2000mhz is not a supported speed for that MB

I might misunderstand you, but just to be safe: it worked with 2x4GB with XMP (@2000mhz) with no problems at all, but as you & Synthohol said, i believe it's mixing 2 kits (even if they are 100% the same module).

i will try to set the BCLK back to 100 (from 103) & try to run them on 2133mhz, i'll post the results here later tomorrow, i know i found a solution for my pc, but it might help someone else who have\had same problem like me.

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