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H110 worth going push/pull?


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Do you actually have a point that relates to a solution for the reader?

yes i do and yes i have,unlike these posts below which more or less says ''do it yourself'',,which isnt the purpose of a support forum

i apologize to the op,if you have any other questions,please pm me...


Do some research and get better fans and you will have lower temps and lower noise levels!


Do MORE research. There are much better fans out there.


People should make *some* effort for themselves. Solution: C-O-U-G-A-R .


See previous solution.


For heavens sake....you can get a pair of better fans to use as intake fans and STILL use the included fans as exhaust! You can even choose black or ORANGE! You know the names of the main online computer component sources, right??


You guys are really hilarious! Argumentative, too! Be grown up then and stop belittling people who know what they are talking about.
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There are several posts in this thread that are borderline violations of our forum rules. Please focus a few things and keep them in mind.


1. This is a support forum for Corsair, not those other guys. We understand that we can't be completely xenophobic but the forum is for our products.


2. If you have a different opinion from someone else, agree to disagree but keep it civil. No need to resort to insults and taunts. Here's an example of what we don't allow here. This means you.


Your Mom wants you to quit using "Lol", especially on her computer.


3. While we're on the subject of fans, keep in mind that NO other company mentioned here actually has a fan tester and can guarantee their fans meet their advertised spex. Trust me, we've bought every fan worth mentioning and tested. Most of their spex are off quite a bit to say the least. Most are laughable.

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