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Updating firmware in Force GT 120GB


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Hello, first of all I would like to thank you because of the community and the huge amount of guides posted!

I have just bought a Corsair Force GT 120 GB. I have two questions, hope you can help me:

-With cristal disk marks I get lower values than those I have seen in some reviews...it can be related with the firmware or the fact that I'm using Windows 8?

-With Cristal Disk INfor I have seen that the firmware is 1.3.2. What are the advantages of updating firmware? You think I should do it?


Thank you so much and sory if something is already posted (I have read a lot and still have these doubts)...I'm just a noob trying to learn...So thank you so much!

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The results from the reviews may be different as they are usually tested when the drives are 100% empty (Unless Specified). If you are using the SSD as an OS drive, the results will be lower as the drive is being used while the benchmark is running.


If you are not experiencing any problems, You don't need to update it but its totally up to you.

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