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Question on RAID

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Hello! I plan on getting another SSD [Diwali Discounts FTW :D:] for a RAID 0 setup and had a question after reading about such guides-


What causes a drive to drop out of a RAID 0 configuration [using the ports on a P8z77 V Pro motherboard, not a dedicated RAID controller] and how can the risks be minimized? Are the reasons for a SSD dropping out of RAID the same for a HDD as well?

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There are a lot of causes that can cause a drive to drop out. e.g. bad SATA data cable or power cable, bad connections, faulty SSD, faulty ports, etc.


Things i would consider if you want to minimize risks;

1.Make sure the connectors (SATA data and power) are not pulling on the connectors on the SSD.

2. Make sure the SSD firmware are both the same. Note:Some SSDs have a different FW e.g. 5.20 which is not available. While it is not recommended, the RAID array may still work as normal.

3. Make sure the BIOS is updated.

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