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800d usb header adapter?


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Where can I get a usb 3.0 version of the usb header adapter that changes the usb header into 2 standard usb for the front plate?


Because it came with 2.0 version and I have a 3.0 plate but I do not have that adapter. And I have free usb 3.0 headers on the board not being used.



as seen in this video I could take a picture of it too.



I have never seen this type of adapter anywhere else and do not even know the right name of it.

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Did you buy the USB 3.0 upgrade kit for the 700D/800D and USB 3.0 the internal USB 2.0 adapter wasn't included?


If yes, contact customer service and see if they can send you one.


If not, I would look at getting one of those USB 2.0 PCI bracket ones, remove the screws and put it at the back of the motherboard tray.

For example (Doesn't look that good, see if you can find a better looking one);


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Yes one of those. but I will have to find an american store.


No my 800d came with a usb 3.0 front but they did not put a 3.0 cable in the box for it. its a 2.0 cable.

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