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Corsair H100i Buzzing/Rattling Noise


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I've notice my H100i starts making a buzzing noise when my CPU temp reaches 60C. The noise seems to come from the radiator, not the fans. I currently have 2 SP120 QE's on my radiator which shouldn't be making the noise. I've recorded what the sound sounds like: Sound | According to CorsairLINK 2, I have version 1.0.5 installed.
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My new H100i is also often making exactly this kind of sound and I am trying to figure out why. I have bought it a couple of days ago and I've tried using my system with it for a couple of days now. Here are my findings so far:


1. The pump noise usually begins during the cold boot, and persists after the OS and everything else is loaded. In this case only one or more hard reboots can help to get the pump to work silently. At least in my case soft reboots have no good effect. Pulling the fan power (Y-cable) and USB cable out of the pump do not stop the pump from making the noise. While the pump is noisy, both the BIOS and CorsairLink show the pump working at about 1100-1200 rpm. 12v voltage is between 12.000-12.096v (using new AX760).


2. Sometimes I get lucky to start the computer with the pump working dead silent from the beginning. The pump continues to work silently after the OS is loaded. When it is silent, I practically can't hear it even when bringing my ear close to it. I suppose this is how it should work all the time. However, when the pump is silent and the two fans turn down after the boot, I begin hearing slight but audible buzzing (?) noise from the fans themselves. It sounds like many short pulses repeating very fast, which is why I think this may be PWM related. It can be somewhat compared to the refrigerator hum when listened from the next room. I haven't owned other Corsair SP fans and can't compare with those. Maybe the sound of those can be considered normal, but other fans in my system are still a lot quieter to the point I can only hear air moving through them (2xAF140 Quiet edition and 2xNZXT case fans), while the H100i stock fans are currently the loudest things in my PC. Also, when the pump is silent, BIOS and Corsair Link show it working at 2200-2300 rpm.


Is there any fix for this pump noise problem, or should I just get the whole package replaced at my local retailer? The probability of the pump being noisy after starting the computer is high and the noise is quite intolerable. Everything else in my computer is working perfectly well and the system is stable.





I've just made an experiment and connected the h100i to the PSU with a separate SATA cable, so that the cable is not shared with other PC components. Made a couple of cold boot attempts, but the pump still started noisy half the times. So apparently the SATA cable being shared between h100i and other SATA devices is not the culprit. Hence, I am still open to suggestions and help with that issue. I also wanted to add, that the firmware update to ver. 1.07 did not help either. Nothing changed at all as far as I can tell.

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