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Corsair H100i Woes - AKA Suppose I should have come here first


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Well this is a semi repost of something I placed elsewhere, but I'm looking to see if my experience is common or if others have had a better support experience. The answers I receive may very well determine whether I use and continue to recommend Corsair products to others in the future. I have a significant amount of input both professionally and personally in influencing the purchasing decisions of others.


I honestly hope my experience is uncommon, but the support, or lack thereof, that I received in regards to issues with my H100i left me with a bad taste in my mouth...


Read on, warning, TLDR incoming:


Corsair... I've always loved you guys, you have great products, but I have to say, this is my first experience with your support (I suppose that's a good thing?).


But your support is So Slow. I purchased an H100i back in May and the pump in it failed at the end of September. Well I thought nothing of it since it has a 5 year warranty. So I went ahead and opened an RMA ticket. My experience follows:


Opened the ticket October 2 at 6:30AM PDT, which hadnt been touched more than a day later, so I spoke with support on the online chat at 10:30AM PDT Oct 3 where they pushed the ticket through and issued the RMA. This question on this portion is, if it was that simple to approve why wasnt it done sooner? But honestly I can understand being busy, so I didn't think much of it.


The same day (Oct 3) I mailed my damaged H100i to Corsair which was to arrive the middle of the following week (Oct 9), so I didnt expect any movement on it in that time. However, more than a week and a half later, well after they received it, I had heard nothing (Oct 11).


So giving the benefit of the doubt I waited until the following week to contact. So I contacted support via chat on Tuesday Oct, 15, ~5 days after they received my H100i and asked about the status. I was notified that they were out of stock on the replacement units and they should be shipped the following thursday (Oct 24). The two questions at this time were: Why, if there were no items to replace it with, did they not notify me? Also, why did it take so long to start with?


Well, doing the math as I'm sure you have, it is now October 30, another 6 days after when they said they would have more in stock and would contact me with the tracking information. I have yet to hear from them, so as with all previous steps I'll be contacting them to request status.


Really, I just have to wonder why it is taking so long? Even if it is to take a long time, which I'm ok with (despite having to use my stock Intel cooler rather than my $100+ premium cooler), why wasnt I notified of progress (or lack thereof) during this time, why did it take me prompting at every step in order to move things forward?


I suppose to add insult to injury, the Customer Service live chat was supposed to be online half an hour ago and still isnt.


Finally, today, Jelaide from the customer service team (whose efforts I appreciate) has sent me a replacement H100i with upgraded 3 day shipping (read: November 4, assuming it ships today). Which puts the total time on this as over 1 month. Love your products Corsair, but really, for shame.
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