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Corsair 600T Front Panel Mesh


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I'm trying to order the Graphite Series 600T Frontmesh from the online store however I can't select Australia as a country.


Do you not ship to Australia?


I've tried all the companies listed in the where to buy page who are suggested to be likely to carry a full line of corsair products however none of them have this item.


How can I go about obtaining this item?

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Nope no go.


Mwave who I buy all my parts from and is listed in your where to buy page for my region said they can't get it.


Ended up using a delivery forwarding service from the US. Have to pay shipping twice and wait longer but at least I can purchase a product from you.


If only I lived in Iceland, Bermuda or Israel and not some third world country like Australia I could order online from a "global company bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market".

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Well my reputable forwarding service informed me that they placed the order on the 13th. Gave me a status update a week ago that they're still awaiting delivery, and have now contacted me saying they still have not received the order and their multiple enquiry emails have not been replied to.


The part is still listed as instock on your store.


This has turned into a most aggravating experience.


I sure am glad I never bothered to RMA my faulty H100i.

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