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K95 Play/Pause Buttom+Volumewheel not Working

David teladi

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First of all ..Hello!

I just bought a Vengeance K95 and all the Media keys work (Stop/forward/Backward) except for the Volumewheel and the Play/Pause Buttom.

Allready checked if the HID is enabled (it is) and allready restarted the PC..

Still.. .. Nothing!

Software is up to date ( Fw also ( 1.15 sw 1.3)



post scriptum

of course i tried different usb ports and all my drivers (mobo,chipset,etc.) are up to date

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What you can try is plug the keyboard into another computer and see if the volume scroll works fine. If it doesn't it may be a bad keyboard.


Unfortunately, some products that leave the factory can be tested as in good working condition but you will never know if they will fail as it can fail at any time.

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