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Express RMA - 2 weeks no replacement, no support, nothing

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Ticket #6194426


I opened a support ticket to arrange for an express RMA. The ticket shows that the RMA was approved. It is now OVER 2 WEEKS later and I still do not have any replacement RAM. I should not have to open a thread in this forum to draw attention to this poor service.


"Express Replacement – At Corsair, we understand the need to be up and running at all times! To minimize down time, we offer an Express Replacement RMA process." <-- is that a joke?


I am not the only person who has experienced your horrible warranty process, I found many others in this forum alone!

Express RMA no response in over a Week!



No answer to RMA ticket 6049599, submitted on the 26th



Oh how the mighty have fallen


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whatwarranty, Sorry for the delay. Have you tried calling CS or logging back into your ticket to ask for an update? And are you sure you chose the Express option? There would have been a hold placed on it for the amount of the product your RMA'ing. You were required to provide CC details ,correct?

I'm just asking to cover all bases, so please forgive the questions.


Right now Corsair is closed for the rest of the weekend. A couple of the Employees do check in on the forums on the weekends sometimes, but if you don't hear anything before Monday, i would suggest calling them. They may be out of stock or waiting on input back from you.


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