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New Case Fan Controller?


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I believe this is what you're referring to.

We have not given up on it. We are working on a second generation version and are no longer going to be selling the first generation.


The feedback gathered here is DIRECTLY responsible for the feature set of the second generation Corsair Link hardware.


We are not canceling Corsair Link - it offers a real, tangible benefit to users. We're just making things better.

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From everything I know the Corsair Link is a product designed by CoolIT for or with Corsair. Because it is VERY similar to their fan controller/led controller and software. It may be due to CoolIT no longer making the same version of the fan controller. They now sell one that is integrated into the commander unit which only seems to connect to 4 seperate modules instead of 7 or 8 that Corsairs current commander has. The LED controller is still the same and looks just like the one from Corsair. CoolIT's software even looks like the initial versions of the Link software.
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