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Cracking sound on SP2500


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When I say" Cracking sound " I meant " crackling sound. Not as in Cracking cheese gromit..





This PC is mainly a Home media PC, we use it for films and music only..


The sound is great, as these are good speakers, but I'm getting this odd crackly like a static click here and there, sometimes it happens often like a few in a few minutes and sometimes not for a good hours or so..


I have check and tidied all cables and cleaned them, blown air to remove dust.


Uninstalled/ reinstalled Drives on the Creative Recon sound card- and it still crackled.


So uninstalled and removed card and tried the realtek HD on-board and the crackly was stilll there.




EDIT was listen to my DAB radio using the speakers and it was crackling also so it seems like a speaker issue!






To best explained the crackle - it sounds like crisp or small twig breaking, and it happens randomly and very noticeable but I'm at a lost to which could be cause this.

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