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Same driver for K50 and M95?


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for the K50 keyboard I have installed the following:




USB Keyboard:

VID: 0x1B1C

PID: 0x1B04

Manufacturer: Corsair

Product: Corsair K50 Keyboard

Firmware: 1.07

Windows: Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64 bit



Next week (I think Thursday) I become my new M95 mice. On the corsair homepage stands another driver version ( as for the K50.


Question: must I really install two different version of the driver for each OR kann I work with the driver for my K50 also with the mice?


Just a bit confusing :bigeyes:


I have also sent a email to the support about this, but I thought "try the forum, maybe the answer is faster" :sunglasse



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Wow :[pouts:


This is really not very user friendly. Two times the same symbol in the task and two times a driver running in the background...


Maybe I will work with the hardware modus, so I don´t need the driver for the keyboard run in the background... but then I can not start programms with shortcuts :(:


It would be nice for the future, that corsair makes a global driver for keyboards and mices like Logitech.


Thank you and regards.

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Hi Toasted,


yes, thank you for the idea, I allready did know it. This is, what I would do.


I would use for the mice and the keyboard the hardware modus and then close the drivers completely.


The only problem is that, then I can´t use the possibility to start programs...:[pouts:


Thank you.:biggrin:

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Because I don´t need it. If I can program all my "wishes" in the hardware modus, it is better for me.




-Better perfomance for windows, because 2 applications less running, more ram free (not primary)

-The danger of incompatibilities because of driver is not so high. How more driver is running in the background, so higher is the danger, of problems of driver incompatibilities (this is primary)

-The Icons of the drivers are the same, "what is what"?

-And at the end, I think the hardware mode is better because of incompatibilities with games. For exempel in Men of War some shortcuts are not correctly accepted. If I run in the software mode, everything is fine. But it is good, that Corsair offers the possibility of run hardware or software mode, so the user can decide.


By Logitech Gaming Software, you make all things (of course gaming software) only with one universal driver. And all the other pieces of hardware that are not gaming, with another driver (Set Point).

And I think, this is the right way for the costumer. A gamer with gamer hardware from logitech just needs the gaming driver.


But... Everything is in motion and needs is time. I hoppe for corsair, the software quality becomes the same like the hardware quality.


Untill now, for years I have used Logitech.

As I tested the M95 I thought: sh.., was is that for a wonderfull piece of hardware :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Logitech just can only dream about it. This is highest level.

Absolutely great, what Corsair has made here. Feeling, connections, everything. But the driver was the converse, absolutely.


I sent the mice back to Amazon, because I couldn´t handle the driver.


Because I need a keyboard too and in my desperation and after testing about 7 keyboards, I thought: try corsair.

Not a mechanical one (too loud), and so I found the K50 and thought, try it "and forget the software".

I wanted a keyboard just to type text in windows :sunglasse because if you are awaiting too much from the driver, you will desperate and disappoint. Primary for me was the loudness of the keys, the touch of the keys, the formation of the keys, the lightning of the keys and the processing of it. Everything is fine with this keyboard and day for day I believe, Corsair is about hardware quality one of the best :biggrin:

You just need to have it in your hands, compare with others and you know it.


After the keyboard has arrived and I have tested this great keyboard I was so encouraged, that I loaded the driver and installed it. Again I had big problems, but then I spent about a half day with it and at the end "I knew more than before" :biggrin:


Now I can handle the driver and ordered the M95 again, but I, honestely saying, dont trust the drivers from corsair. So I think, I spend time with the programming of the buttons and then close the driver and for long, long time you dont use it (fear of contact :sigh!: ). Maybe then, corsair brings ordinary updates for it. And so, I also am not affraid, because of incompatibilities of windows with this driver because it is not running in the background (like I told before, no trust in the software at the moment).


And if I would run two times the drivers, then (this is logic) the probability for blue screens or other problems is higher, because is not only one driver from Corsair running in the background, but two. Two drivers, more danger :[pouts:


Please dont missunderstand, but trust comes with everyday facts. And at the moment, I am suspicios.


If I had to (only software mode possible) I would maybe try it. But with the hardware mode, I just need the driver to program the keys for one time (or later just for changes).


I hoppe, I could answer your question :cool:

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If someone read this, I have to correct something.


If you have a mice and a keyboard from corsair installed on the system, you have to install both drivers. BUT, on the taskbar is just one symbom from corsair and if you open the window, then you can choose wich one you want to programm (mice or keyboard).


In the background are two drivers runnig, but on the taskbar is just one symbol.


I thought, there would be two symbols, but there is just one symbol.


Just for information, if a newbie like me read this :biggrin:

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I have now tried to run Corsair hardware without software. Everything runs good, no problems.


There is just a problem: when I need the software to change something, I allways have to start two files. For example for the mice: first I have to start the file "M95Hid.exe" AND after this, I have to start the file "mainframe.exe". If I dont start both files, there no possibility to make the hardware contact the software. Is there another file somewhere in the system from Corsair, to make start both files together or a argument for the shortcut, to make start both of the files?


Otherwise windows loads at the start allways the files "M95Hid.exe" and "K50Hid.exe" and both drivers run in the background. And I would like to run in the hardware mode without drivers running in the background.


Has someone a idea?


Thanks in forward

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You can create a batch file to open both .exes at the same time.


You don't need M95hid.exe and K50hid.exe running all the time, they are there so the software can access the mouse and keyboard. It's not needed for hardware playback to work once it's enabled.


If you use the MR button on the K50, you will need the K50hid.exe running.

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Thank you Toasted.


I don´t know, what to write in the batch file. Could you help?


That I have to create a text file with Notepad and the change the file extension in *.bat (I think so) I already know. But what to write in the file, this is my problem... :confused:

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Hi Toasted,


thanks for the help, this worked for me.


I just have one more question, maybe you can help me also.


If I start the bat-file, everything works fine. In the example for my M95, both files start (mainframe and m95hid).


But when I close the mainframe after klick on close, the driver for the mice (M95Hid.exe) still stays open. I have to close the driver manually from the task manager.

Then I have the same situation as before, before I would like to run mice and keyboard withount drivers.


Do you know a solution, what to do? Maybe a start script, where the driver opens as parent from the mainframe, and when the mainframe closes, the driver also closes to :confused:


Thanks in forward.

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It might be possible but my skills are pretty basic. best go to a forum that focuses


@echo off

start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\M95 Mouse\" m95hid.exe

start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\M95 Mouse\" mainframe.exe



taskkill /F /IM m95hid.exe

taskkill /F /IM mainframe.exe


When you run the batch file, it will open the 2 programs. When you press any key (CMD window selected), the two processes should stop.

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Hi Toasted,


great :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


Many thanks for your help. The solution is not elegant, because allways the window stays open till you close it, but it is absolutely OK. :biggrin:


For that what I need is enough, because I just sometimes will use it.


Again many thanks :biggrin:

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Because one of the ideas of forums like this, the help of users is, I would like to write here how is my solution. Maybe there is someone out there, that would like to know it a do it the same way.


I have wrote two bat-files, because it is not possible to use one for keyboard and mice. Its because of the file "mainframe.exe".


I created a text file for the mice with the following content, and named it "Corsair Mice.bat":


@echo off

start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\M95 Mouse\" M95Hid.exe

start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\M95 Mouse\" mainframe.exe



taskkill /F /IM M95Hid.exe

taskkill /F /IM mainframe.exe



For the keyboard another new file with the following content and renamed

it to "Corsair Keyboard.bat":


@echo off

start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\K50 Keyboard\" K50Hid.exe

start /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\K50 Keyboard\" mainframe.exe



taskkill /F /IM K50Hid.exe

taskkill /F /IM mainframe.exe



Then I made a shortcut of the file, renamed it to something like "Corsair Keyboard" (how you want) and the I gone to the properties of the shortcut and searched for the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\corsair\K50 Keyboard\CorsTra.exe" for the file. So the shortcut as a nice corsair icon and is better to find.


Thats all. If you now launch the shortcut, it opens a small dos-window and in the forderground the Corsair window for the properties of the device. After you have made the changes you want, just go to the dos-window and click some button. The windows closes for alone and all of the corsair files that are open will close.


Dont forget then to block the drivers for the device you use to start together with windows, or this will not help. Because the drivers automatically start with windows. On win 8 you can make it in the task manager (Autostart), in win 7 I think is not possible, here run "msconfig" and go for it.


Now you have two drivers less running in your system (less drivers, less danger of problems) in the background and all is fine. But remember, that some features now didn´t work (look at the manual of the device). The hardware mode as good sides and bad sides, like the software mode.


Hope this helps.

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