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2.0.16 Drivers and Vengeance 1500 Bass


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I'm on the verge of reverting back to the 1.1 drivers. The way we kicked the bass up a bit with that driver was to configure the headphones as stereo speakers in windows and apply Bass Boost. In order for that to work now you have to keep the headphones in stereo and keep the 5.1 and 7.1 turned off. I prefer to play my games with the surround so im desperately trying to milk every last bit of bass from this ****ty new driver before i revert back. The only reason im hesitant to revert is because with bass boost turned on with the 1.1 driver the left can would crack a lot.. despite everything sounding better the headset couldn't handle it. I only had it boosted by 9db at 125hz which isnt much just enough to make everything sound warmer and fuller with richer bass tones. And despite not having the bass boost, i feel the sound is a little cleaner and without cracking while using the new driver.


Does anybody have a fix for the Bass (lack thereof)?


EDIT: I own the first gen 1500's.. not sure if that makes any difference.

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