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Power unit for separate use of fans

Farmer Guy

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Sorry I am looking for some basic help. I have bought a couple of Corsair CO-9050009-WW Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition 140mm Low Noise High Airflow Fan Single Pack to assist on air movement of a cellar. On getting these fans I need a standard power supply to run them not linked to a computer. Please can you advise how i might do this as if cooling a rack? Need to plug into a standard UK 240 power supply





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What exactly you mean? If you like to use a standard PC PSU, then you need to shortcut the line "power good" (green) with "ground" (black) on the ATX plug to start it.


Another way (the way i did inside my rack) would be to buy a 12V PSU like this one: http://www.amazon.de/EVOLUTION-LED-Schaltnetzteil-PRI-AC230V~/dp/B00EOKQD8K/ref=pd_sim_sbs_light_18


I plugged it into a 5 1/4" Fan Control Module for 6 Fans and also on a temp differential Switch (if inside is alike 3 deg warmer than outside the rack, fans will start and stop if temps in/out will match again). For the Fan Controller i got, i produce the also needed 5V with a 5V StepDown Regulator.


I hope i got what you like to do...? :)



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