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Corsair 400r Front I/O Panel + Fans Not Working.


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Hi, I recently purchased a new Corsair 400r Case and noticed that the when I connected the front I/O panel cables to the motherboard they would not function.


The power button, restart button and the power LED will not work. The HDD LED and the two 3.0 USB ports work fine though. All the connections have been placed in their right places on the motherboard and I have double checked on the positive/negative connections too.


I also have a problem with the front two fans not working. I connected one side of the molex to the power supply but nothing happens.


I don't know what the problem could be. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Just submit a ticket using the link on the left. Make sure you ask for replacement parts and let them know you need this part number...CC-8930006

Just be sure to attatch a copy of your sales reciept to the ticket and they should just send you a new one.



Fans?...doesn't each fan have it own power cable? You should be able to test each one individually. Also make sure the pins in the molex connector are staying put in the plastic. They will sometimes push out when trying to plug them in.

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