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I urgently need to know if a TX 650 will run a GTX 770


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Really really sorry if a similar post has been made, or if the information is available elsewhere, but I have a VERY short window in which I can buy a VERY cheap GTX 770. I'm pretty sure I'll be ok, but I wanted to double check that the TX650 will have all the necessary connectors and power to run it. Apparently it needs an 8 and a six pin connectors.


My system is a 3570k processor, not overclocked on the voltage. 16GB 1.4v RAM, an SSD, a HDD and a DVD drive.


Nothing fancy, currently running a gtx470 and the 770 is only about 40w more. As i say I think i'll be ok, but a second opinion would be REALLY nice before I spend £200 ;)

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