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limited functions - change requests. Workaround available?


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Hi Folks,


I have bought a corsair Voyager Air 1TB and updated to recent Firmware. Really a nice device but there are unfortunately a few functions missing. I already contacted corsair-support but they said that non of this function is implemented, but of my Point of view this are BASIC functionalities of a device like this. And I know many of you are using the corsair Voyager Air like this (i.e. as sotr of WIFI-Repeater). Perhaps someone has a Workaround on one of this issues? Or can make the Corsair thinking of implementing there Features in the next Firmware update:

1. It is used as WiFi Repeater (not plugged in via the physical lan Interface), but my other devices are plugged in to a non-WiFi-lan (devices which don´t have a WiFi Card and are attached to a Hardware-Network-Switch at the Home-Router which is connected to the "external" WiFi of the Voyager Air via WiFi) they can´t reach the Shares or DLNA-Server of the Voyager Air. How can I make the Voyager Air accepting requests from it´s "external" WiFi-network (not the "VoyagerAir"-WiFi on the internal side but on the pass-through-side) without plugging it physically with the lan-interface in that Network? An Access must be possible from the WiFi-side the Corsair Air connects to with the pass-through-option.

2. The Voyager Air always disables the "pass-through" Option when the "WiFi-Switch" is set to off and on again. I always have to go into the options-menu on the VoyagerAir-Webservice or App and have to manually activate "pass-through" again. How can I configure it to automatically activate pass-through when the WiFi-Switch on the device is set to "on"?

3. How to forward ports from the external WiFi (pass-through-connected) to internal WiFi (CorsAir-WiFi) to a Client? There are Clients in the internal CorsAir-WiFi (they have unfortunately to be there to reach the Voyager-Shares) who must be accessible from outside (from the side of the pass-throug-WiFi) i.e. with RDP-Access or VNC to this Client (but also other ports). There must be an Option to Forward Special Ports from external to internal (Standard port-forwarding functionality of a Basic router). Otherwise the pass-trough-Option is useless when it is only usable in one direction.


These are Basic things, THAT MUST BE POSSIBLE WITH A WiFi-NAS!!


Greetings from Germany,



edit: Unfortunately I have to send the device back ... to many Features are missing (see above) and I tested to plug it into my Router to Stream DLNA-COntent, but it makes my Router reboot. I tried two different Routers: Always the same result. Result: Too Buggy, to many Features missing: Not usable. Could have been a cool device (WiFi, LAN, USB), but it seems not if Corsair is the manufacturer.

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