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I'm attempting a secure wipe of my SSD using Corsair Toolbox.


I have the drive currently hooked up as a secondary drive on my WinXP machine, and the Toolbox is able to detect the drive and it's SMART status.


When I attempt the Secure Wipe command, I receive the following error:

Wipe Failed.

Error: Invalid Request Type


If I click on the Optimize tab on the left, I get the message at the bottom stating "There is no recognized filesystem on this drive"


I have also attempt a LiveUSB Gparted secure wipe, but I received the error "Input Output error, can't read drive /dev/xxx"


I can also detect the drive during POST, but the OS on the SSD will no longer boot.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Corsair CSSD-F120GB2 ATA Fixed Disk

Firmware Version: 2.0

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I decided to use GParted instead due to the fact that Parted Magic is now Payware.


I even attempted a Windows Setup on the SSD, but during installation Windows says that it cannot install to this disk.


I'm assuming that after 3 years of use, it's possible it's just dead.

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You might try diskpart as it is already installed as part of your os. I know it is not the most recommended fix but I have used it and it works fine.


Run diskpart.exe


1 list disk


2 select disk x with x being the number given for your ssd


3 clean (this destroys all partition/volume data on the disk)


4 create partition primary align=1024


5 active


6 format fs=ntfs quick


7 exit

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Using diskpart I was able to clean the disk, but when it came time to create the partition I received the error:


DiskPark has encountered an error: The request could not be performance because of an I/O device error.


I've tried different cables, ports, and two motherboards. I've narrowed it down to the SSD.


I do appreciate all the help though, but I think I'm going to accept that my SSD is no longer functional.

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