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Installing H100i, Corsair Link doesn't show up H100i neither his Fan Coolers.


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I just installed my H100i and downloaded Corsair Link from Corsair website.






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This is a pic, the Corsair Link doesnt show up the H100i or his fans.

I cant even change the H100i led colour or fan speed.



Please help on this one, what im doing wrong?

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Hey Peanut, im using Windows 7 64 Bits.


My total specs is:


3970X Intel Processor

32 Gb Vengeance Corsair Ram

X79 Dark EVGA

SLI EVGA GTX 780 Classified


Corsair Case AIR 540



Beast computer you have there. :bigeyes:

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Beast computer you have there. :bigeyes:


:D: Well yeah i put a lot of money on this thing, but considering i came from an old E8400 + 1 X GTX 260 and meeting DX11 for first time in my life :cool: I think its well deserved.


BTW guys i managed to make Corsair Link works, i changed the Cable Link to another USB 2.0 Mobo port, Now i can control fan speed pump colour etc. Left to know why the first USB 2.0 didnt work to start.


Have good nigth everybody, im falling sleep..

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