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New Product Suggestions, Obsidian Series


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Where would I suggest a new product That I think may have some sale benefit for loyal Corsair Case Enthusiasts.


Basically I'm a proud owner of an 800D chassis But still don't have enough room to do what i'd like.


I have two 360 Rads one push/pull on top, great. but the second loop for the 580's in sli had to be placed on a bracket in push/pull configuration off the back. Makes it extremely difficult to handle the case if and when I move it.


My product suggestion is, to have an extension or platform if you will that sits under the chassis. That conforms to the aluminum decoration on specific case. and footprint.


In this extended box shall be a placement for a reservoir and placement on each side for 2x360 radiators. Also air ventilation on front and back... in this design it would keep the coolest air in the room by placing rads under the machine while the heat produced rises. As well as separating the air to cool the rads from any other component in the computer.


What do you guy think would be the demand for this. or even a complete chassis designed around this idea. Ample room up top for large GPUS, and room for even more Rads. I've found the more Radiator space used, the quieter I can leave the fans.


How many would purchase this, I would for one.


could even give it a fitting name to conform hydro series H1000 :eek:

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