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Years ago, my foreign friends in foreign countries to help me buy HX1000W, installed on my computer, the normal use for one year, and then damaged, cooling fan does not rotate, since products purchased in a foreign country, in my the state does not know how the warranty, it has been idle in the warehouse, you can not use. Recently learned that Corsair's product warranty seven years, can apply for RMA, but my HX1000W, since a very long time in the warehouse abandoned, dilapidated appearance, do not know can not apply for RMA?


My English is not very good, I hope Corsair staff Nengkanmingbai I mean.


I took a few photos of HX1000W appearance, hoping Corsair staff to help me solve.




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The HX1000W only has a 5 year warranty. I'd recommend attaching those pics to the ticket along with a copy of the receipt to your ticket so that we can determine if it's still in warranty.

As long abandoned, invoice and accessories can not be found, is not that mean I can not apply for a warranty?There are other ways to solve the problem?

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