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RMA Request Need more info !


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Hello ,


I have made an express RMA


But i don't understand one things , The man Say me the new one will be ship in MAX 2 days and after i receive the new one i have to send the old one to them , How should i do to send it to them . Should i pay the ship or i can request an pre-paid label ?? My ssd is in warranty so why should i pay the shippment ??!


Thanks for the help

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Generally you would need to pay to ship it to Corsair. They will pay to ship you a new drive.


There are some exceptions and that would be if the SSD is less than 30 days old or you have had multiple RMA's , then Corsair would pick up the shipping costs.


You can however call CS and ask them if there is anything they can do to help out.

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I'm a little bit Lost ,


Soo corsair say to me they will send me my new ssd and after i receive it i should send it mine by myself . i have receive the tracking number of my new ssd .


And today i receive a new mail "This notice alerts you, Corsair has processed this UPS Returns request. A label has been created and is in transit to the collection location. "

What is that ????


I'm so confused and lost :/

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