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Avg temp in newest link


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average temp is just that..an average of your core temps over a period of time. , not what your current temps are. Where are you seeing "average temps" at?


H100i temps are the temps of the coolant inside and will always be cooler than your CPU. So the ASUS software reporting 29 is probably pretty close.


Post a screenshot of your LINK screen though and we can take a look.

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This should answer the average temp calculation (Unless it has changed)


CL software uses the same WMI info that other programs pull from. For our single temp point given, it is actually the average of the individual cores. Unless you have a program that specifically does this as well you wont see an exact match. Most monitoring programs will have CPU (Socket), CPU (package), and CPU cores. CL would not match any of those.

Source: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showpost.php?p=595544&postcount=7

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