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ATTO cause bad block errors?


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I just received and installed my new Force GT SSD 240GB. All seems fine, runs great, etc. Just clean installed 8.1 on it.


I ran ATTO and got the correct speeds for the drive. Decided to check the system logs and found:





The device, \Device\Harddisk1\DR1, has a bad block.



An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 during a paging operation.




Thought maybe it was a fluke, I ran chkdsk and it came back with zero errors.


Corsair Toolbox says health is OK. And Crystal Disk says 100% healthy.


The only thing that is weird is that the toolbox reports "Unexpected Power Loss count" at 11, everything else under RAW is 0 that pertains to fails or errors.



Waited an hour or two, reset a few times, powered off, etc. No new errors in the logs.


I re-ran the ATTO test and those errors are back after the test.


Does ATTO cause those errors? Is that normal or should I RMA this drive?


EDIT: Also, the toolbox is reporting firmware 5.20.. Is that odd? Thought it would be 5.05.


EDIT2: I could also be a total dingus, not sure yet. This from a fresh install all of 8.1 from a USB flash drive. The clocks were not set properly and I must have ran ATTO the 1st time before changing the clocks because if I scroll down the logs, the times are 2:30pm for the first ATTO test then 1130 am for the 2nd. It also says Harddisk1 and in my disk management it says the SSD is Disk 0. Stupid question: harddisk1 is not the same as Disk 0, right? I ran ATTO for a third time and do not have any errors.


Any ideas or am I a dingus brain?


EDIT3: Happy to report that I think Im a dingus brain. Just as I plugged in that USB stick the error popped on the logs.. Harddrive1 has bad blocks. So it cannot be the SSD Im assuming. Now Im worried that my 8.1 windows install might be funky if that USB is faulty, idk.


Thanks for reading and sorry for wasting your time and bandwidth.

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