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No discussions please. Just copy and add to the list, or post the information on fans that you've controlled successfully with Corsair LINK, and the device to which they were attached (Pump, Cooling Node, USB Dongle)




Corsair|AF-140 Quiet|3|Cooling Node

Corsair|AF-140L|3|Cooling Node

Corsair|SP-120L PWM|4|H100i

Cougar|CF-V12HPB PWM|4|H80i

Enermax|UCTB12|3|Cooling Node

Fractal Design|FD-FAN-SSR2-140|3|H100i

Noctua|NF-A14 PWM|4|Cooling Node

Noctua|NF-F12 PWM|4|H100i

Noctua|NF-S12A PWM|4|Cooling Node

Noctua|NF-S12A PWM|4|H100i




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I successfully connected 4 COUGAR CF-V12HPB Vortex to the H80i and it worked perfectly after the 1.5 firmware upgrade and installing Corsairlink 2.3.4816.


Fans were connected directly to the CPU block using 2 Y cables, similar to the 2 Y cables that comes with the H100i




Excellent fans!

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