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Corsair M90 + Aion ?


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Did you assign, save the profile and enable hardware playback?


Aion is a online game, Usually most to all multiplayer games block software playback as it may be a disadvantage towards other players who do not use software playback macros.


some applications block macro playback by reading directly from the hardware rather than the Windows keyboard buffer

Source: M90 User's Guide


In order to use the M90's buttons in Aion, you need to enable hardware playback.

To do this,

Open the Vengeance software>Manage profiles>Click the L.E.D. dot>Assign a profile to an L.E.D. (1 is the bottom, 6 is the top)>Click "Save to M90" (Wait for the % to reach 100%)>Ok>Enable hardware playback.


Once you have enabled hardware playback, You need to check the profile L.E.D.s and make sure its on the correct one. If its not on the correct one, you will need to use the Profile Up/Profile Down button to adjust the L.E.D. profiles.


If you do not see a % next to the "Save to M90" button, check if M90hid.exe is running in Task Manager. If not, go to the install folder and double click the .exe.


If you have done the above steps and it still does not work, Upload your profile as a .zip attachment here and we'll see what may be causing the problem or try an alternative way.


To export the profile, Manage Profiles>Select your profile>Export.

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