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corsair m60 - i HATE CORSAIR


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i've had corsair m60 mouse for like 2 years


it has NEVER worked after computer start up


i always had to pull it out and put it back in, up to 5-6 times


every plug in-out it would install the driver, EVERY TIME


2 different motherboards, windows 7


original driver and firmware update didn't do jack


after 2 years of this stupidity i've had enough


i broke the damn thing, pulled the jack out for 1000000th time and smashed it on the wall and on the floor. i must say, props on building mice with metal - took me a dozen hits before it completely fell apart


i hate corsair


i will tell all my friends to never buy corsair


i will purchase new memory for my second computer just to get rid of corsair modules, just to get it out of my computer, because



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Yep, agree with OP. As my mom and I use the same desktop, every morning she turns it on and says to me the mouse is not powering up, unplug and re-plug the only option, I tolerated all this, until yesterday when the M60 just died. It's 5½ month old.

I will get a replacement by going RMA but after getting it I am selling it. Done with this nonsense. Thank you Corsair. You are still an infant in mice era.

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