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concerned about picking up a 750d/900d


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I really want one of these cases... i love the look and the features, i am just concerned about its aircooling potential


My prospective rig


780 ACX (dissipates hot air into case)


Fan setup:

front- 2 140mm intakes

bottom of case - 1 or 2 (or 0? not sure if the 750 supports bottom mounted fans) intakes to blow on gpu from below

back of case - (beside I/O panel) intake

top of case - h100i in push/pull

GPU exhaust into case (hot air would rise into the h100i?)


I am worried that if i try this, my gpu cooling wouldn't be that great, as well as all the hot air from the GPU would rise directly into the h100i and (potentially?) increase my CPU temps. If i change the h100i around to be an intake from outside of the case, now the GPU hot air has nowhere to escape and will just sit inside of the case. Can any corsair reps/people who know aircooling tell me if my concern is valid?

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I just bought a 900d and was also worried about the cooling of my 2x asus gtx 780 DirectCU OC II cards and 3930k(oc4300ghz) cooled with H100i, at the moment the GPU idle temps are 23c/26c, gaming load (bf3) 50-60c , cpu idles 18-28c, load 50-60c, I,m really happy with those temps:D:

The H100i is in push/pull with standard corsair fans, i have removed the 3 front 120mm fans and replaced them with 2x Corsair AF140mm Quiet edition fans, put 2 of the front 120mm fans on the bottom window side near where the gpus are and put the other 120mm fan on the top next to the H100i all the fans are connected to a fan controller, hope that helps with your decision;):

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