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New PSU noisy (Solved)


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I got a new PSU, a noisy one, it emitted a "piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" not very loud but very annoying. I got in contact with corsair support but since I read on forums and comments about ppl who RMA more than once, until 3 times to get a non noisy PSU, I was afraid of that happen to me but.. after a month I thought that I had to do something.. didnt want to deal with the noise anymore...


I decided to RMA the psu to corsair and.. woila! the new PSU has no noise... I notice some kind of paste around the capacitors.. maybe is because of that.


I write this to encourage ppl who has PSU with this problem to send it.


My PSU is AX760



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Lets hope I have as much success as you.


I returned my first noisy AX760 to the retailer only to be sent out another that developed the same issue within 24 hours.


I really can't stand the high pitch noise any more.


Good to see you got it all sorted

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