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Vengeance 2000 Headset and Windows 8.1


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Hi Guys


Just got my lovely new headset today, and instantly felt like I had found the one...


I took the precaution of checking here first, and glad I did :(


For those of you who are not English we have a law here that states if you buy online you effectively have 14 days (by law) to return the product... I got mine from Amazon so I have 30 days... thx Amazon..


Anyway, what are the chances of the drivers for 8.1 being sorted soon, as in the next month, as it is foolish of me to bother waiting if we are looking at a 6 month delay etc


So you guys with much more experience on here, will know how likely it is a fix is coming quickly?

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Unfortunately you will likely get more response out of the wall your sat near than you will from anyone here at Corsair. 8.1 has been well known about for some time and it still took until 2 days till after release to even say anything. Not an apology though they dont appear to know how to say those.


The lack of response to those asking for updates ETA's etc should tell you all you need to know about this company at this point.


I would like to think like andyvee that by the time the 2100's are released the issue will be fixed but given the lack of response and clearly the lack of care they have towards their customers I wouldn't put money on it.


If you can get your money back I would do it m8 I would happily do it if I had the option.

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