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Temp sensor sets itself to zero (0) after reboot


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Yesterday I got a replacement cooling node from a friend. I updated all the firmware and everything was working perfectly.


I have a temp sensor connected to my water tank.


The problem is: each time i reboot my computer normally, or just shut down and start it up again, the temp sensor sets itself to zero (0). If I unplug the sensor and plug it into any witch one of the other temp connectors on the node, it starts showing accurate temps immediately.


Does anyone have the slightest clue about this?




Link v2.4.5110

Commander v2.0.6

Node v1.2.5


The temp sensor is a XSPC 10 kOhm


Thanks in advance,


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Ok, I got a solution. I had fans connected to the node. It got very hot, must be something wrong with the power management or something. However, I connected a pwm multiplier with external power, and connected only the pwm connector and the 1 temp sensor to the node. Now its working like a charm.
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Using Hardware supplied by Corsair and labeled as such, components supplied by Corsair and labeled as such, Software supplied by Corsair and labeled as such, all configured according to the (sort of) instructions Corsair supplied. And it is nothing to do with them, or anything they can help with. Sorry but get real!!!
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many with usb connection issues can run to a rear usb port and itll work,yet some cannot.,,some can use a m/b header and some cannot.some can isolate another connected usb device and things work but for some it does not.

and yet some can connect to any port without problems while some cant.

same software same hardware so where is the variable?

its really quite simple but we all need to place blame somewhere.

and to answer your question thats yet to be asked


im not blaming the user as their simply the victim here

the blame lies within the endless amount of hardware and software being released that probably amounts to hundred of thousands if not more .

and this what Corsair has to deal with in trying to get every possibility to co-exist..

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Sorry but I disagree In my case Temp sensor 1-3 work fine, 4 does not. They are all connected to the same Cooling Node, which is connected to the Link Commander which is connected via USB. So I don't think a USB conflict is a likely cause. And if the excuse is the endless hardware/software combinations then It is time for Corsair to put their hands up and say "Sorry, it is too difficult for us!!, yes everyone else can handle it but we can't"!!!
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your referring to your particular issue where i responded to the Ops issue.

its 2 completely different problems

yours is software related and using a different version of software may just fix your problem as it has for others.

and for the sake of discussion

show me another product that monitors and controls like the link

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Sorry if I concentrated too much on one, but I do understand there are 2 sets of symptoms here.


However I still think my comment applies to both situations.

My external drive, Satnav, Printer, Scanner, Keyboard and Mouse, etc. etc. All work fine regardless of which USB port they are connected to, Windows 7 and 8 even over reboots of the systems. It seems Link does not.


I accept what you say and like what link does, it is a great concept. However:

Cooling node discontinued, given the delay since the announcement I assume permanently.

Software is buggy.

There is no acknowledgement of what the problems are and when or if they are likely to be fixed.

Am I on average happy with it - Yes.

Would I buy it again - No.

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i appreciate those like yourself that allow others their opinion while also being adamant of your own.

i dont know why ive had such good success with the link,in the 3 builds i have it in i cant remember the last time ive had an issue with one of them

i do wish myself that the nodes were still available as im putting another link in my new build with 12 fans so ive no choice but to buy an extra kit and still wont do all 12 fans .,of course as slow as this build is progressing ,maybe a new version will be released..

yes im optimistic ;):

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