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H80i Problem


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Hi guys,

i just bought my new H80i, installed it and started the PC... It installed the Drivers properly. Than i installed Corsair Link V2.2.0, it shows up my Temp etc. all works fine, after that I upgraded the Firmware of my 80i to 1.0.7. . I noticed that there is a newer Version of Corsair Link, V2.4.5110. After installing this Version my H80i didnt show up in C-Link anymore ...


I used the internal MB USB header to connect it as i run V2.2.0(detected my H80I) and V2.4.5110(didnt detect).The newest version is also very very laggy, if i want to open it it takes 2-3 Min to open up and if i want to update the firmware the Sierra2.Bootloader crashes.

After the newest version didnt show up anything i switch to a mini USB to USB Cabel and connected it with a rear USB port. The device manager shows up and reports that the new USB Input Device is installed. But it still dont work. I'm not sure if i deleted the profiles every time i uninstalled C-Link, is this a big problem ?


I find i strange that my H80i is showing up under V2.2.0 but not on the latest one... So there can't be a probleme with the Cable, or ?


I'm using a AsRock Z77 Extreme4 MB and Windows Ultimate 64Bit SP1 if it helps.


Thanks SeriousLee :) (I'm from Germany, so sorry for my (maybe) bad english)

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