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Wouldn't it be amazing if the lighting node would be capable of fading colors?


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Hi there,


I just set my LED strips to change color according to the CPU activity so that under high load my case is lit up red and when idling, blue.


Sounds great in theory, but practically, the strips are constantly jumping around in color, and they're doing that in a really abrupt manner, which can quickly get annoying and distracting.


Now - would it not be amazing if the Lighting node would get a little firmware update that would allow it to slowly fade colors? That way, the above method would work greatly and it would look amazing when you set your lighting in relation to something that doesn't slowly rise and fall like a temperature, but constantly jump around.


Also maybe some kind of last 5 minute average option would be handy to further reduce constant flickering in that kind of setup. I think it would be nice - if you fire up a CPU heavy task, it would slowly raise the color to the highest level, and then after you go back to idle, slowly fade back to the lowest.


Just some ideas, what do you think about it?



Thanks for reading,



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I have one set of my LED Strip (a SMD 2050 RGB LED Strip that runs down both sides of my front panel) set to track the H100i temperatures. This strip DOES gradually change from blue to green to red as the H100i temperatures increase.


The second LED strip runs around the perimeter of the case behind the window in the Air 540, and tracks the CPU temperature (as reported by the motherboard). Since the temperature reading "jump" around, this strip will snap to the color last reported by the motherboard and does not fade because the temperature changes are not gradual.



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