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SP2500 Won't Power On

Austin Hill

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I got back from class this afternoon and my Corsair SP2500 speaker system won't power on anymore. I attempted to press the power button on the remote to turn them on and was greeted with no response. Unfortunately, because the sub has it's power turned on through the remote, I have no way of detecting whether the issue is within the remote system or the sub compartment.


I've tried checking both the power cable and the SVGA connection of the remote to the sub. They were connected to the wall through a surge protector, so it is protected on that end. I'm not sure what could have happened.


Unfortunately, as a college student, I don't have the box, nor do I believe I have the receipt from Frys where I purchased the device. I made the purchase towards the end of two summers ago, so roughly over 12 months ago. It is my understanding that the warranty on this specific device is a two-year (24 month) warranty.


I submitted a RMA request, but I'm not too familiar with the process nor how to go about returning the product, should I be allowed to, without the box.


Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!


Edit: I read on these forums that the LOT number helps determine when the product was manufactured in the event that purchase date is not known.

The LOT number on it is 12069101, which insinuates it was manufactured the 6th week of 2012. Given that it is still 2013, it certainly has not been two years.

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